Changzhou Sunan Shengshi Roll Making Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various large and small pattern rollers, non-woven heat press rollers, engraving rollers, wool rollers, wallpaper rollers, rubber and plastic plate embossing rollers, non-woven pad press rollers, Embossing rollers in the packaging paper industry, etc. Customers can come to roll materials to process engraving, professionally corrupt large-scale flat mold leather spinning processing (including multi-level patterns), matte, sandblasting, etc.
The pattern produced by the company uses a combination of photo-engraving, chemical corrosion, machine knurling, computer engraving, mechanical engraving, hand engraving and other processes. The pattern is highly simulated, the pattern is clear, the lines are clear, and different patterns have different etching depths, which can meet customer production Process requirements.
The company produces double-roller, metal plate embossing machine, stainless steel plate embossing machine, aluminum plate embossing machine, aluminum plate embossing machine for lamps and lanterns. People from all walks of life are welcome to come and negotiate!