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Eye Flower Roll

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Roller production requirements
1. The roller should have sufficient rigidity to ensure that the bending deformation does not exceed the allowable value under heavy load.
2. The surface of the roller should have sufficient hardness, which is generally required to reach HRC50 degrees or more, with strong corrosion resistance. The coating has anti-stripping ability to ensure that the working surface of the roller has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. The working surface of the roller should be finely processed to ensure dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. The roughness should be above Ra0.16, without pores or grooves. The wall thickness of the working surface of the roller must be uniform, otherwise the temperature of the roller surface will be uneven and the product quality will be affected.
4. The material of the roller should have good thermal conductivity. Chilled cast iron is usually used. In special cases, cast steel or molybdenum-chromium alloy steel is used. Whether it is heated or cooled, it can achieve rapid and uniformity.